Monday, 14 July 2008

Хэлц үгнүүд - Хүний бие, эрхтэний холбогдолтой

* It cost an arm and a leg : Үнэтэй гэсэн утгийг илэрхийлнэ.
* They don’t see eye to eye : Тэд санаа нийлдэггүй.
* She’s got a nose for a bargain : Тэр ...... олохдоо сайн.
* I was on my knees by the end of the day : Ядарч үхэх гэж байсан.
* There's no elbow-room : Зай багатай, умгар.
* We did it by the skin of our teeth : Арай чүү, арай хийж..
* He doesn’t have a leg to stand on : There’s no justification for what he did or says
* I really put my foot in it : Хэлэх ёсгүй юм хэлсэн тохиолдолд..
* She gave him the cold shoulder : Тэр түүнийг тоосонгүй.
* He’s pulling your leg : Ямар нэгэн буруу юмыг зөв мэт загнах.
* The car is on its last legs : Маш хуучин, мараалын илэгдэлд орсон.
* He welcomed us with open arms : Найр тавин угтах.
* We soon lost heart: Урам хугарх..

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Ankhaa, thanks for posting the idioms on I used to like idioms once...I found some mistakes which may be misleading for English learners, and also i found that more clarifications is needed in some instances to make the idioms clearer. Some of your translations really exaggerate the meaning of idioms and misleading. Some of my comments:

* He’s pulling your leg -- to play a joke, deceive
* sour grapes--denial of the desirability of something after one has found out that it cannot be reached or acquired (remember that Fable by Krylov??? "Lisa i Vinograd"?)
* To be in a pickle--unpleasant situation, trouble
* To be in a stew--upset or bothered about someone or something.
* Bring home the bacon--to earn money to live on (NOT sponsoring)

*I really put my foot in it ---to say something By ACCIDENT which embarrasses or upsets someone

oh, Ankhaa, and more comments about slang...I don't have that much time. Just be careful using them...